domingo, 22 de novembro de 2009

Massage Parlor Girl

Massage Parlor Girl
You that work all day for me
Pleasuring others,
I wish i could release you
From duty, to pleasure me.

terça-feira, 27 de outubro de 2009


Trees, mostly EverGreen,
So that you see Fall through Fruit,
Promise of New Life,
After Death of Winter,
Come Spring, Season of Rebirth.

sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Kyle XY vs Jessi XX

I definitely feel like

I was grown in a pod

Until very recently;

I wish I was more like Kyle,

But I find myself too often

Coming across as Jessi.


Vertigo is

The feeling that you get

When you stare

Into the abyss,

Into its fathomless depths,

And it stares

Right back at you,

Right into your eyes,

And beckons.

Being vs Doing

In life

You have to choose






Abstracting yourself

Into the

World within,

Focusing yourself

On the conundrums

Of identity;


Leaving a mark

On the world

Around you,

Loosing yourself

In the dramas

Of action.

I am a species of one:

I live:

By myself,

With myself,

Unto myself,

For myself.

My inner life is paramount:

Thoughts and feelings,

Mental conflicts,

Turbulent emotions.

I also lead

My own private life:

My own personal rituals,

Going to the places that I love

All by my lonesome.

Consuming consumer culture:


Devoting myself

To the pursuit of knowledge

And perchance wisdom

Or learning about life

Through Story;

Listening to music,

Pandering to my delicate sensitivity

Or as catharsis to my oft turbulent emotions;

Watching multimedia,

Living vicariously

Lives pared down to their essentials

And distilled to Story;

Even interactive multimedia,

Where I become other beings

And experience outlandish adventures.




Being where I am,

Doing what I am doing,

Savoring life’s

Simple private pleasures,

Or just plain Being.

I lead

A very limited social life,

Very limited indeed;

I have never managed to build

A social persona,

And never developed the perception

Of how the Other perceives me;

Most of all,

I have never been able to make allowances

For how the other perceives me to change me;

To influence how I act,

To influence who I am;

I can’t help

Being who I am

And act accordingly.

My constructed reality,

The way that I perceive the world,

Is very bleak indeed:

With very few remarkable exceptions,

The world is peopled by monsters,

For a Monster is how I perceive the Other;

(And the exceptions

Are angels or

Outright incarnate gods and / or goddesses)

In such a black and white world

Either you are

With me


Against me,

You are either

Part of the solution


Part of the problem,

Part of the cure


Part of the disease.


An ally:

A haven,


Comfort and solace,

Encouragement and support,

Affection and tenderness,

Friendship and / or love;


An enemy:

A monster,


Molesting bullying,

Mocking discrimination,

Tyrannical oppression,

Loathing and / or hate.


I have often been persecuted,

Because I am different,

Because I am alone.

But, seldom,

I have found refuge,

And I was accepted,

And I was accompanied.


Knowing all this about me

Which one are you?

An ally?


An enemy?

Now it is up to you,

Now the ball is on your court.

sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009

Feiticeira da Lua

Feiticeira da lua,

Tu encarnas na tua pessoa.

Canalizas a sua presença,

Serves de conduta ao seu poder,

De receptáculo à sua energia,

De veiculo às suas dádivas;

A Deusa Lua,

Pálida irmã gémea

Do Deus Sol trigueiro,

Toda de prata e de mercúrio

Onde ele é ouro e cobre.

A Deusa Lua,

Feita de grácil subtileza,

Passividade que comanda,

Artifícios femininos

Que dão a ilusão de controlo.

Onde o seu irmão Deus Sol

É todo pujança arrogante

E um carisma opressor e tirânico,

Frontalidade masculina que comanda

Pelo exercício directo de vontade.

Feiticeira da lua,

Tu teces os feixes de luar em

Tapeçarias diáfanas mas infrangíveis

Que definem e circunscrevem

O destino dos homens.

Feiticeira da lua,

Tu usas o crescente da lua

Como um anzol inexorável

Com o qual capturas para a eternidade

O coração dos homens

Feiticeira da lua

A lua que é o teu totem

Regula com as suas metamorfoses

Os ciclos profundos dos corpos das mulheres,

Segredos misteriosos e sagrados,

Sede do seu terrível mas subtil poder.

Feiticeira da lua

A lua que é o teu totem

Regula com as suas metamorfoses

Os ciclos turbulentos dos corações das mulheres,

Fonte da sua perigosa imprevisibilidade,

Que as torna carentes de constante avaliação.